Increasing the comfort and ease of use of the potty.

A brief that required the design of a 3 in 1 child’s potty. The process of designing this product involved looking closely at problem areas in existing potties and solving them through incrementally improved design details.
3 in 1 Potty
Product design
User research

A potty with a radically new shape and incrementally improved details.

Saddle is designed to be both comfortable and easy to use. It is noticeably different in shape from other potties on the market, due to its ‘peanut’ form. This shape allows the child to straddle the potty when they use it and lets them plant their feet firmly on the ground, making them feel as stable as possible.

User blogs and forms and quick product testing helped uncover key insights.

A study of potty training advice blogs and reviews of existing 3 in 1 potties uncovered useful anecdotes on which to base insights. Through this research, it became apparent that a redesigned 3 in 1 potty should offer a better experience for both the child and the parent. Parents complained that potties became frustrating for them to use as many are hard to keep clean. From the child’s perspective, a number of 3 in 1 potties highlighted opportunities for improvement in the comfort and stability they provide.
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