Demystifying the process of leaving a legacy donation.

An answer to the RSA Student Design Awards Innovation in Giving brief, which asked for the design of a product, service or tool which encourages people to donate their time or money to good causes. The outcome was a service that looked at making leaving will donations to charities easier. It involved a collaboration with a local hospice: a charity which relies heavily on will donations and provided some great insights for the project.
RSA Student Design Awards
Service Design

Breaking down the donations process.

Leaving a legacy donation to a charity involves something many people think is difficult and scary: writing a will. The Leave a Lasting Gift pack aims to show people how will writing can be easy, and how their legacy donation can make a lasting difference. Wills often contain complex, outdated language so by explaining what information is required, the legacy donation process can be made easier. The leaflet also helps clarify to patients and their families how their donation will be used and how it will benefit the charity, meaning the patient can rest knowing their affairs are in order.

Encouraging collaboration with solicitors.

One of the most important stakeholders in the legacy donation process are solicitors who help people organise their will. Charities like hospices rely on solicitors to promote legacy donations when a will is being written.

The Leave A Lasting Gift website offers a platform for charities to download a template of the Will breakdown leaflet that they can edit to meet their specific needs and fit under their brand identity. Solicitors can also use the site as a tool to browse local charities, view their customised Will packs and collaborate with them by ordering packs. These packs will then be displayed by the solicitor when people go to make a Will.
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