A strategy to increase public engagement with butterfly conservation.

2012 was the worst year on record for butterflies in the UK and numbers are still in decline. Flutter shows gardeners, families and farmers that conserving butterflies can be enjoyable and rewarding.
Final Major Project
Experience strategy
Product design
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Exploration is the best form of education.

Finding and logging caterpillars is currently uninspiring, and relies on the use of analytical logsheets and charts. In response to this, a few simple yet delightful interactions are designed into the caterpillar viewer and cup, to make the process of magnifying a caterpillar absolutely engaging. The cup fits nicely inside a hole in the logbook, and makes recording the caterpillar’s features easy.

Engage farmers by engaging their kids first.

Conservationists don’t spend enough time speaking to farmers in person about their practices, before discussing how and where to leave land uncultivated for butterflies. The Flutter products are sold on one half of the stand, with the other half dedicated  to promoting the work that Butterfly Conservation currently does with farmers.

Farmers can see their children engaging with conservation and this could persuade them to get involved themselves. Often the only way to convince a farmer to help out with conservation is to show them where it’s worked previously, but having this information ready for when it’s needed is difficult. An iPad on the stand has the website running on it, with a map showing local farmers who are currently involved in butterfly conservation,

You have some truly fantastic ideas and it is really great to see them from somebody not employed by Butterfly Conservation, as I’m sure you’ll see things we won’t.

Kerry Staddon, Publicity Officer, Butterfly Conservation

A campaign for conservation.

As well as giving the Butterfly Conservation Trust a presence at farmers' markets, a campaign and website were designed to engage farmers with conservation by making the benefits clearer to them. The 'Cash for Conservation' campaign highlights how farmers can profit from implementing butterfly-friendly practices in their farms.

The Butterfly Conservation portal is place where farmers can see what conservation activities are happening in their area, and offers farmers the opportunity to chat directly with a conservation officer.

Redesigning every touchpoint.

The project was not solely about delivering a wildlife exploration kit for children, it was a strategy of how to engage kids, gardeners and, most importantly, farmers. A strategic model (above) illustrates how Flutter takes a holistic approach by looking at each aspect of butterfly conservation as part of a whole.

The components of the kit (the viewer and cup, the satchel, the logbook and the trail signpost) all came from ideas to make recording caterpillars and butterflies easier and more enjoyable, which were validated by experts from the Butterfly Conservation Trust. In developing the viewer, quick and dirty prototypes were put in the hands of kids to see their reactions and understand how to communicate the product’s use through form and detailing.

The process of figuring out how to better engage farmers involved storyboarding and drafting how these stakeholders would interact with Flutter, particularly the website. It also involved prototyping some campaign messages and testing them with farmers at farmers’ markets.
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